Feelwear 2.0: High-Neck

We are happy to introduce our newest collection "Feelwear 2.0: High-neck".

Inspired by minimal Nordic design and encouraged by our customer feedback, we have crafted new versatile modern cuts to be worn both smart and casually.

Our newest arrivals continue using monochromic colours (black and white) while also introducing new colour – grey. Thinking ahead of upcoming autumn and winter period, you will also find higher necks. All shirts are made from super soft 200 gsm (see also what is gsm in merino) merino (see also why merino wool clothing). Just perfect to be worn next to your skin. The minimal design and clean cuts will make it easy to combine with your other clothing and make it a wardrobe staple.

Feelwear Women's Look 1 Feelwear Men's Look 1
Feelwear Men's Look 2 Feelwear Women's Look 2
Feelwear Women's Look 3 Feelwear Men's Look 3
Feelwear Men's Look 4 Feelwear Women's Look 4

Photos: Virge Viertek
Stylist: Marion Laev
MUAH: Erle Taklai

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